Bianca & Glen’s NSW Home



Bianca & Glen’s NSW Home



What were your first thoughts about moving a house in opposed to building?

“Well, my husband researches a lot and he stumbled across the idea. We are from Sydney.  I saw potential in the house and then I got emotionally attached to it. We had never built a new home before – we had only done one minor renovation. We were very uneducated. When we first met Kristy and Robbie from Mackay, we had been to another house removal company in Brisbane. We didn’t get a really good feeling from the other company, but we got a really good vibe from Kristy and Robbie. They were very patient and educated us about what would be involved.”


What made you even think about moving entire house? Where did you see it?

“My Husband is the ‘Google king’ and we have always had a fascination for Queenslander homes. None of our friends had moved an entire house – it was a new adventure for us.”


What was the final decision that made you choose to move a house?

“It was the home to be honest. When we first turned up, and we walked inside it – we knew it was the one. We were very interested in the history of the home – I still actually research into it today. The house was originally owned by a family in Chermside who were the first to ever own a car in Brisbane. She is beautiful. The workmanship is amazing. I managed to get in contact with one of the family members of the original owners – that was something very special. There is also something nice about the fact that you can recycle a home. We knew it was very unique. When it arrived at the block in four pieces we thought to ourselves ‘Oh, no what have we done, we have a long way to go’, but we were very blessed to have a very good builder. He put a lot of work into it and the team at Mackay and Sons were so helpful and informative.”



What fears did you have prior to the house moving?

“It was out of site and mind. It was the furthest move Mackay and Sons had done. We thought to ourselves ‘I do not know how we are going to do this’. The first night we didn’t sleep. We were that scared and that nervous. I thought ‘this house is gonna fall’. It is the most amazing thing to watch though. We were nervous and excited. Watching the Mackay & Sons team make the move was incredible. They were so professional and knew exactly what they were doing – they were prepared for everything.”


What was the process like with Mackay and Sons, from customer service to the actual move, and after sales care?

“In terms of the paperwork – they do a lot of for you – you don’t have to worry about anything – road permits, council approvals – they help you with everything.  They are very laid back and easy to get along with. We thought to ourselves “How are you so relaxed?” –  its because they they know what they are doing.”



Did you save money by moving an existing house in opposed to building, in terms of what you got in the end?

“Its up to the customer – what they want to do. We could never have afforded to build this house new – and because of this we did save money. Its really chalk and cheese – a new build compared to a restoration.”

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