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We understand how daunting it is if you have never completed a building application before. We will help assist you in obtaining your building approval and are here to ask any questions that you may have, free of charge! We can recommended a building certifier and help you obtain a quotation for the certification and you can also make us an authorised contact to help you gather any information that you may require.

Yes you can, as long as you meet the criteria for QLD. A removal home is now acknowledged as a ‘new home’. Please see below information referenced from 

New home

The home you are buying or building must be new and valued less than $750,000 (including land).

new home is a brand new dwelling (e.g. house, unit, duplex, townhouse, granny flat built on a relative’s land) that has not been previously occupied as a place of residence or sold as a place of residence.

The grant may also be available for:

  • established homes that have undergone substantial renovations before you bought the house
  • homes that have been moved from one site to another, as long as the home has not been occupied since being fixed to the new site (including kit homes, manufactured homes).

There are many factors that contribute to additional costs, for example the size of the home and where the home is being relocated to. We recommend obtaining  quotations from your local service provider for electricity Energex/Ergon, local plumbers and builders for firm pricing. For a rough estimate to work off

  • Reconnection of Electricity $4000- $10000(this will depend on if it is a residential or rural block, for a rural block you will need to pay more if it isn’t a standard connection please refer to Energex website for further information )
  • Re connection of Plumbing $8000- $10,000 (this will depend on the size of the home, distance from the main sewer line and how many fittings)
  • Septic System $8000 – $10,000 (this will depend on what type and size of unit you require and the location)
  • New Stairs Timber Low set $3000 High set $6000
  • New Steel Stairs Low set $2000 High set $4800
  • Cyclone Proofing (Top and Bottom plate Tie Downs) $15,000 – $20,000 (depending of the level required according to your wind rating it may be a lot higher)
  • Building plans, Engineering, Energy Efficiency report, Council/Certification fees etc $10,000 rough total for all
  • Bush Fire Assessment $400-$2000 (Not all sites will require this please speak to your building designer/certifier for clarification)
  • If required, New Roof $8000 – $10,000 Depending on the size of the home
  • Surveyor $1000 – $2000 ( You will need to have a surveyor peg out where your house is to be positioned on your block, this is critical on small blocks where the house is being placed on the front or side boundaries)
  • Asbestos Removal – we charge $50 per square meter to remove
  • Concrete slabs/Renovations/Extensions/ $TBA from your builder

Yes we sure can, we not only relocate the homes we sell also relocate homes that our clients have purchased themselves or their beloved family home.

We will travel anywhere within Queensland and New South Wales. There are additional costs to travel after the 100 km’s included in the price. We charge a per km rate travelled over the first 100 km’s, the rate is determined by how many sections of house are being transported. The extra km rate is to cover the cost of the police escorts and the pilot vehicles which for long trips are very costly.

Yes, this is mainly due to New South Wales having different road restrictions to Qld.  In Qld we are able to travel in one section sometimes up to 10m wide. In NSW we are restricted to 5.5 – 6m wide. This unfortunately means that the house your are wanting to transport will need to be cut into smaller sections and will incur additional fees.

All of the prices that are listed on our homes include delivery and stumped within 100 km’s of our storage yard. After the first 100 km’s it is a per km rate whether the house be one piece or a two piece move. If it is a one piece move it is $45 per km after the first 100 km and $60 per km if two pieces.  Stumping low set to a depth of 900mm and a height of 900mm above ground.

Assistance with obtaining your building approval and quotations for plans and engineering. 

Yes, the height of stumps is your choice, however the price will vary depending on engineers specifications outlaid on your plans. If you are wanting to build in underneath in can be at a cost of roughly $12.000 to $35,000 upwards depending on how many steels you require to open up underneath the home.

We can assist you with Earth moving, obtaining Building and Demolition approvals, roof tie-downs and Asbestos removal.

Once you have selected a house, you will require a building approval prior to moving the house to site. Depending on the council, it can be as little as 1 month although normally about 3 months to obtain a building approval. When the building approval has been issued the road permits are applied for, and the permit is usually issued within 14 working days. Then your house can be moved to your site.

We would suggest you contact us and request we do a block inspection to ensure that your block is suitable for a removal home. As well as make contact with your local council to enquire whether you are able to place a removal home on your block.

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