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Robbie Mackay


Rob’s mission is to successfully lead M&S in offering our clients affordable and sustainable housing. He has implemented innovative processes to complete relocations efficiently and safely as well as seeking to develop new ideas through the design and fabrication of purpose-built equipment and machinery. He has proudly guided M&S to be Australia’s leading House Removal Company, able to complete the relocations that others say are impossible. With his experience of relocating homes from the mere age of 15, he has witnessed firsthand the evolution of the industry and in recent years, he has played an integral part in making an unheard-of industry a household name. With no plans of slowing down, only to push the bar higher.

Shane Burgess

House Relocation Manager

Shane has been in the house removal industry for over 30 years. His wealth of knowledge in relocating homes in our unique and niche industry is highly valuable. Shane ensures that all sites and routes are inspected to facilitate the safe delivery of your home.

Kristy Mackay

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Kristy has been an integral part of the company for the last 5 years pioneering new technology and marketing platforms. Kristy has made Mackay and Sons a household name by creating a social media presence and securing a large following, having stands at various home shows and securing a spot on the popular TV show Outback Truckers.

Jack Macrae


Jack started house removing in New Zealand and is passionate about applying new technology in Australia. Jack has been relocating and delivering homes for 6 years. His role is to load your home and safely deliver to your block.

Nicole Greenstreet

Procurement Manager

Nicole has been with Mackay and Sons for 4 years and has personally completed 6 removal homes. As Mackay and Sons Procurement Manager, Nicole assists clients with procurement of trades and services. Nicole is here to assist clients every step of the way to make the process runs as smoothly as possible. contractors for the connection of services. 

Nigel McGee

Finance Manger

Nigel has an Accounting and Master of Commerce Degree from UNE. His background in Accounting and Small Business Management combined with his many years of experience in the Banking & Finance Sector make him a valuable asset to the team. 



Brett Thompson

Demolition Manager

Demolition Manager, Brett has over 20 years’ experience in the residential and commercial demolition industry. With expertise using all types of demolition equipment and techniques, Brett is capable of leaving your site spotless after a demolition. Brett will oversee your project from conception to completion.

Kelly Davidson


Kelly works alongside Nigel in our accounts department. Kelly brings years of experience in accounts payable/receivable. Kelly takes pride in keeping our clients’ accounts up to date and accurate.

Wayne Greenstreet


Wayne, a qualified cabinet maker and detail joiner, has personally completed 5 removal homes and can talk you through the process and any additional costs when considering a removal home. Wayne is here to take out all the unknown and uncertainty of doing your first removal home. Wayne’s trade knowledge, and his personal home moving experience, position Wayne to be able to help clients every step of the way.

Teegan McHardy

Project Manager

Teegan is one of Mackay and Sons Project Managers for our House team. Teegan works with clients to ensure their project runs smoothly. With a background in property management, Teegan combines her real-estate knowledge with a meticulous approach to keeping projects on track.

Dana Rolph

Project Manager

Dana is one of Mackay and Sons Project Managers for our House team. Dana works with clients to ensure their project runs smoothly.

Natasha Barber

Demolition Coordinator

As Demolition Coordinator, Natasha is responsible for organising and scheduling all Mackay and Sons demolition projects, including Asbestos Removal.